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Gretag Macbeth Eye One Display - Version 2!

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Consistent, Predictable Colour

The Gretag Macbeth Eye One Display 2 (manufacturer's page here) is the premier screen calibration unit on the market today for Photographers working in the digital domain. It is noticeably far more accurate than the Colorvision Spyder/SpyderPro/Spyder2 system in day-to-day use, and the software that guides you through the process (Eye One Match version 3), is superb and much simpler to use than Photocal or Optical.

Gretag Macbeth are absolutely one of the highest quality players in the colour management market, and this device is a lot of their expertise condensed into one easy to use, affordable package.

Along with printer profiles, this device is an essential component of a quality focussed, colour managed approach.

The Eye One Display 2 can calibrate both LCD and CRT monitors, so if you're thinking of upgrading monitors to a flat screen in the near future, this device will follow you through the transition and offer you the same quality results on both types of monitor.

What will this device do for me?

The Eye One Display 2 will calibrate your screen to a known standard (can use whitepoints of 5000K, 6500K and the monitors native white point, also allows Gamma 1.8 or 2.2). It then profiles your monitor/video card combination and creates a profile of your system. This profile is then used by Photoshop (and other ICC colour management savvy applications), to display images with clinical accuracy on your system. Having images displayed with accuracy on your screen is the first step in developing a system you can trust and use to get professional quality results. If your monitor is properly calibrated and you deliver a digital file to a lab, and the print comes back poorly done, you can definitively tell the lab that the fault was theirs. You will be able to make fine adjustments to files, with changes of as little as 1% in colour tone easily visible and accurately reflected. You will be able to work with a new found level of precision and confidence.

What do I get? What does it plug into and can I use it with Mac and/or PC?

You receive the Eye One Colourimeter monitor calibration device, a manual, warranty for 12 months, and the Eye One Match software (which has both Easy Mode to get started and Advanced modes for more control). The Eye One license allows you to install the software on all machines you personally use and hence if you use more than one computer you can calibrate the screens to match across your system.

The Eye One Display system is compatible with Mac (Classic, OS X) and Windows (Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP).

The device plugs into a USB port. Please note, the device draws power from the USB port and some laptops do not supply enough power to their USB ports. In this case you may need to use an inexpensive powered hub ($25 to $50, which we can supply).

How often do I use it?

Professional Photographers calibrate at least once a month and before any major job. The average home use will find that every 4 to 8 weeks is sufficient (varies depending on the age and quality of the monitor). The process takes less than 10 minutes. Basically, monitors do drift over time. You should let the monitor warm up for half an hour before calibration, as there are usually big colour changes in the first few minutes of using a monitor. If your monitor is older or brand new, then calibration will need to be done more frequently.

How much and how do I get one?

The Eye-One Display 2 can be purchased on its own for:

AU $435! (Including GST and delivery anywhere within Australia - sent Registered Post, fully insured)


What are the changes over the previous version? How does the new version compare?

  • The new unit is even more accurate (which is pretty remarkable considering the accuracy of the first unit)
  • Will offer a completely automated mode one-click with compatible (DDC) monitors (coming soon - next software version)
  • Ambient light head allows you to measure the colour temperature of your working area/strobes etc
  • Most of the changes are in the software (available as a free upgrade at the Gretag Macbeth site for current Eye One owners)
    • New luminance controls
    • New profile reminder option (one week to one month, your choice)
    • Monitor profile summary
    • Smoother tonal transitions (particularly in deeply saturated blues)
    • More neutral grey balancing


Using your Eye One Display

What settings should I calibrate my screen to once I've got the Eye One?

As a general rule, follow the default settings of Gamma 2.2, 6500K white point and use the suggested luminosity for CRTs or LCDs. These settings will suit most people perfectly and give excellent results.

Please note that you will probably see some theories (a.k.a. myths) around the internet etc. about the gamma for Macs being 1.8. This is (as usual) simply wrong - this hasn't been an appropriate setting for general use on a Mac since the early 1990s. You definitely want to be using a gamma of 2.2 on both Mac and PCs.

My colour is bang on in terms of tones, now but I still find my prints a little darker/lighter than what I see on my screen!

Not surprisingly, the default suggested settings are not completely perfect for everyone. Try re-calibrating with a lower or higher luminosity, which should give you a better perceptual match in terms of brightness between screen and print.

I use fine-art papers without optical brighteners that are very warm - this is not reflected in my whites in Photoshop - can I do anything about this?

Try calibrating to a lower white point of 5000 to 5500 K - this should give you a better match for the warm whites. You can easily create two monitor profiles - one for regular use with photographic papers and another with a lower whitepoint for warmer fine art papers, and switch between them using Display Properties (PC) / Colorsync (Mac).

This process is generally only required for really warm fine art papers - Photo Rag and the like, while not being a terribly bright white, are really not so warm as to require a separate recalibration.

Where can I get the latest software? Is it free?

Yes. Go to www.gretagmacbeth.com and register using your device serial number. You can then download the latest Eye One Match .

You can also download Eye One Share, although most people won't need this, but it is useful for taking spot readings etc.


 GretagMacbeth i1 Display 2

 AUD $435.00 includes GST & delivery (insured) within Australia



 Download brochure [pdf]


Calibrating and Profiling

Download this flash presentation and see how easy it is to create great monitor profiles with the Eye-One System. [High speed connection recommended - 9.17MB]


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